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SOL Republic Relays In-ear Headphones for Students, Athletes, or Anyone Constantly On-the-Move

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Thank you to SOL Republic for providing sample Relays in-ear headphones for us to base this review upon and for providing a second product for our giveaway prize. All opinions expressed are our own.

I received a pair of SOL Republic Relays to test and review. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will know that I am a SOL Republic fanboy and I rave about their products. Most of the time, I can hardly even find a single flaw (partially why I am such a nut for them!). This time, however, in between my raving, I will point out the biggest flaw I have found in a SOL Republic product, then tell you why you should buy them anyways.

I was sent the Relays in Horizon Blue and as always, they look amazing. Unlike other earbuds I have ever used (ever seen?), the Relays have a soft-ish plastic ring around the Sound Engines to keep the buds securely in your ear. In fact, that is the primary difference between the Relays and other SOL Republic earbuds. The Relays are designed to stay put, no matter how you are using them. They will stay in your ear as you run, bike, or work out at the gym. Although I did not try them doing any of those activities, it is clear that the Relays stay securely in my ear. They fit very snugly even if you tug on them. The Relays would be a great choice for the adult or student athletes in your home as they stay in and are quite durable.

Like most SOL Republic products, the Relays come with a 3 button control on the cord allowing you to adjust your volume and answer calls if using them with your phone, although a single-button version is also available. Another SOL Republic signature feature, the cord has a thick rubber coating that resists tangles. The Relays come in 5 vibrant colors to match your style. Also included in the box is a small ripstop case and a variety of different sized ear pieces to perfect the fit.

But how do they sound? Amazing. Like all the other SOL Republic products I have reviewed, they sound terrific. The sound does not compare to my Master Tracks, but for an earbud I was pleasantly surprised. That is getting increasingly hard to do, as I have been blown away with every SOL Republic device I have tried and my expectations are high. I will say, if the Relays are not properly seated in your ear, the sound may be tinny. And this is the segway to my problem with the Relays….

I have very sensitive, slightly narrow ears and earbuds tend to be uncomfortable for me, even the best ones will start to hurt after prolonged usage and the Relays were no different. The very feature that keeps the Relays snug in my ear is what was triggering my sensitive reaction and leading to discomfort. But I am a unique example, nobody else in my family suffers from my ear sensitivity. I also need to mention that after some time fine tuning the placement, my discomfort is improving. I feel my ears will adjust eventually as I use them. After reading other reviews, this issue seems unique to me so this may not be a factor for most.

Aside from my unique issue, the SOL Republic Relays are every bit as nice as I thought they would be, and frankly expect from SOL Republic. Each time I review a SOL Republic product I am more impressed, but my expectations are also increased. The Relays met my increased expectations and I fully recommend them. They look fantastic, sound amazing, and they have the quality I have come to expect. And for $79.99, they are very competitively priced for a high end in-ear headset. With back to school upon us, the Relays would make an excellent gift for the students (or the teachers) in our lives.

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