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Revolution Foods Meal Kits for Kids . . . Convenience Without the Artificial Ingredients! #RealFoodForAll #MC

Revolution Foods all-natural meal kits for children #RealFoodForAll #MC
I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Revolution Foods. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

We usually keep a small handful of refrigerated lunch kits on hand for our children just in case we ever need them in a pinch.  I used to give lunch kits to our children regularly because they were so convenient, but most of the time I would have to remove the things that came in the kits that I considered to be more appropriate for an occasional treat, such as powdered drink mixes, candy, and cookies.  That is something I do not need to worry about with these new Revolution Foods meal kits since only wholesome foods are included in each box.  In fact, Revolution Foods goes even a step further by including only all-natural foods in these meal kits for kids.

Having been designed by two moms, these meal kits are extremely child-friendly.  Not only did my children enjoy the foods (even without any artificial colors or flavors), they were mostly able to open the sealed packages of food inside each kit on their own.  There aren't too many foods my children can serve themselves.  I keep our Revolution Foods meal kits in the drawer of our fridge right next to the juice boxes, so our children can choose their own lunch and beverage independently.
Revolution Foods convenient all-natural meal kits for children #RealFoodForAll #MC

Although there isn't enough food inside these kits for our 10 year old son, they are the perfect size for early grade school children, like our 7 year old twins.  They each took a meal kit with them on the day of their class field trip to the zoo.  Both were very excited to have such a cool looking lunch to bring, rather than a semi-smooshed sandwich in a paper bag.  As expected, our daughter enjoyed hers, but surprisingly her picky twin brother admitted his was good as well.  It was very clear that the Cheese Pizza Meal Kit was the favorite among our children.  In addition to the pizza, the Ham & Cheddar, and the Turkey & Cheddar, there is also a Peanut Butter & Jelly kit available.  We did not purchase that one because our children's classrooms are peanut-free.

As a parent, I like not feeling guilty about packing something convenient for my children for lunch. These kits contain high quality meats, cheese made from real milk, a serving of 100% real fruit, and whole grain crackers or pizza crust.  There are also no preservatives or artificial flavors and colors.  Best of all, our children enjoyed the meals!

You can find these new Revolution Foods meal kits at Safeway stores nationwide, as well as at select Target and Whole Foods stores.  Use the store locator to find a retailer near you.  Before you shop, be sure to grab a printable coupon to save $1.00 on one Revolution Foods Meal Kit.  Then come back and tell me which variety was your child's favorite!