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Say Thank You to Teachers in a Way That Matters with the Adopt-A-Classroom Program! #TeachersChangeLives #CGC

Thank You to All the Teachers Who Care #TeachersChangeLives #CGC

For the past six years, I have supported education on 3G2S by raising awareness about worthy causes.  I truly believe that every child deserves the best educational possible, so that he or she can have an equal chance in excelling in whatever they decide to take on in life.  I've always appreciated the amount of patience and caring I see from every teacher who has led my 3 children's classrooms ever since preschool.  I know it's a job I could never do.  It was not until last year, while our twins were in kindergarten, that I understood exactly how extraordinary teachers can be.

I was somewhat of an overachiever, as is my oldest son.  Our daughter is doing very well at school also.  It was last year that we discovered her twin brother, however, was struggling with reading, writing, and speech.  Now in first grade, we discovered that our son has visual tracking, spacial planning, and sensory feedback issues.  This explained why a boy, who is extremely bright and can make very complex connections, is having problems in these areas.

I've met with 10 different professionals who have screened our son to get a clear picture of how he can be helped.  I was very impressed by them all, but especially by our son's classroom teachers, his speech teacher, his reading/writing teacher, and the school psychologist.  They all think the world of our son and are playing a huge part in his succeeding at school.  They also make sure that he doesn't lose his self-confidence and that he knows that he is an extremely smart 7 year old who can make important contributions to the world.

Listen to what these students have to say about the extraordinary teachers in their lives . . .

Because I know that our teachers often spend money out-of-pocket to keep their classrooms running, I never mind contributing when they put out a call for certain classroom supplies, but there is only so much one family with a modest income can do.  However, when many families pool their resources, amazing things can happen!  That is why programs, like Adopt-A-Classroom, are so important.  Regular people like you can help fund not only classrooms that need to replace broken equipment or furniture, but also make ideas for innovative teaching projects come to life.

Office Depot, who has been a longtime supporter of education, has teamed up with Adopt-A-Classroom to raise awareness about how teachers really do change the lives of our children.  In addition to adopting a classroom in your area, you can let your local teachers know how to receive support through this wonderful program . . .

How to Register Your Classroom as a Teacher
  • Go to Teachers Change Lives website
  • Click on the red box that says "Register Your Classroom," which will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website
  • Follow the corresponding steps from there

How to Donate to a Teacher
  • Go to Teachers Change Lives website
  • Click on the teal "Donate to a Teacher" box on the Teachers Change Lives website, which will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website
  • Follow the corresponding steps from there

Do you know a teacher who could benefit from this program?

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