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Join Me for the Hillshire #StartYourGrill Twitter Party + $550 in Prizes on Weds (4/30) at 3pm EST! #shop #cbias

Hillshire #StartYourGrill Twitter party plus $550 in Walmart gift cards on #SoFabChats Weds (4/30) at 3pm EST! #shop #cbias

Now that it finally feels like spring and summer, we can finally start grilling! American Craft Sausage from Hillshire has some awesome new flavors that you have to try while you are tailgating at the ballpark or grilling out in your backyard. These links are handcrafted and smoked in small batches using a natural hardwood blend for premium flavor and quality. They start with the best cuts of 100% pork and contain no MSG. This American Craft process ensures that all you taste is exceptional sausage. The must-grill flavors include: Jalapeno & Cheddar, Garlic & Onion, and Smoky Bourbon.

The Jalapeno & Cheddar sausage would go perfect with a toasted brioche (egg) roll with a side of Tex Mex Red Cabbage Slaw, while the Garlic & Onion sausage on a toasted seed roll with thick cut pub fries would be excellent or try the Smoky Bourbon sausage on a toasted hoagie roll with thick cut sweet potato chips would be divine. Are you hungry yet? If so, you can go check out a demo at one of your local Walmart store! There is nothing better than trying a product first and realizing you love all of the flavors!

Here in Massachusetts, the spring weather is just getting started.  We look forward to grilling more this spring and summer, and Hillshire American Craft Sausage links will make it so much easier!  Just grill them, serve them on a bun, and pair with your favorite sides, like potato, pasta, or chickpea salad.  Personally, I love my sausages topped with grilled onions and red peppers.  How do you like yours?

Join me at the #StartYourGrill Twitter Party on SoFabChats!

DATE: April 30, 2014

TIME: 3:00 PM ET

PRIZES: 5 – $100 Walmart Gift Cards

EARLY BIRD: 1 – $50 Walmart Gift Cards

RSVP: #StartYourGrill Party Page

LOCATION: SoFabChats Tweet Grid

HOST: @blm03

CO HOSTS: @WisconsinMommy, @_Karen, @MsMissy62

PARTY RULES: #StartYourGrill Official Party Rules

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