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Silly Monkey Stories: The Straight Shooter

Silly Monkey Stories
For the most part, our 7 year old son is a straight shooter.  That means he will tell you the truth even if he digs himself into a very deep hole doing it.  For instance, we are always on the children about being so messy when they eat.  I think all three of them are still as messy now as when they were just three or four years old.  We must have asked them why they are so messy at least a hundred times over the coarse of there lives.  We never expected to actually get an answer, but one day we did . . .

Me:  I don't understand how you guys drop so much food on the floor when you eat!

Luke:  Whenever we have junk food, we eat every crumb of it.  Whenever we eat broccoli, we dump it on the floor.

He may believe that, but I happen to know from stepping on my fair share of sharp potato chip crumbs that it isn't the complete truth.

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