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My Photos: Our 7 Year Old Daughter's Taekwondo Belt Test (Board Breaking Video)

In January, both our 7 year old twins moved up from the Pee-wee class in Taekwondo.  They still had their Pee-wee belts and will not officially be promoted until they each pass their next belt test.  Our daughter had her belt test last week to turn in her low orange belt for a high white belt.  She was extremely nervous and practiced for hours at home with her big brother, who will be testing for his orange belt soon.

When the day of the belt test rolled around, I was relieved to see that our daughter was excited, rather than nervous.  I think all that extra training paid off.  During the test, I could see her level of confidence had risen and I watched her give 110% for the full duration of the test.  Needless to say, I was extremely proud of her.  I was especially proud of her because she showed much perseverance that afternoon . . .

Photo and video taken with the Samsung NX300.
Perseverance - #Taekwondo Tenets - #TKD

During the board breaking portion of the test, our daughter had trouble with the third break.  I could tell by the look on her face that the first attempt hurt her hand quite a bit.  In fact, after the test she showed me a very painful looking bruise that had formed on her right hand.  Even though her hand hurt, she tried the break that stubborn board two more times and was ultimately able to do it.  I know she was as proud of herself as I was of her.

Now she can't wait for the day of the belt ceremony to come, so she can say that she is officially no longer a Pee-wee.

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