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3G2S Turns 6 Years Old Today!

GANZ birthday plush animals
I realized only yesterday that 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires turns 6 years old today.  Shame on me for not planning something great for my wonderful readers.  I bow my head in shame . . . 

In all seriousness, I would not have stuck with blogging (and all the work that comes with it) if it weren't for my readers.  If it weren't for you, I would be just talking to myself, and that's not nearly as fun!

I need to give an enormous amount of credit to my family, who puts up with my working too many hours, working on nights and over the weekend, and my occasional stress-induced outbursts.

Also, Jerinda, Todd, and Jake all deserve much recognition for contributing quality content to 3G2S.  The success of this blog is definitely a group effort between them, our families, our readers, and myself.  This is most certainly not a one woman show!

I'm sure I'll blink and find myself composing a 7th year post soon enough.  Until then, I hope to continue to share content with you that is both engaging and fun.  Thanks so much for being a 3G2S reader!!