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Silly Monkey Stories: Snow Play Photos (Taken with the #SamsungNX300)

Silly Monkey Stories
know we usually share our Silly Monkey Stories on Tuesdays, but we're a little off schedule this week.  One of our beloved family pets fell ill and he passed away this morning.  Although the children were very sad this morning, they are apparently far more resilient than I am.  I really could use some cheering up and a few extra reasons to smile today.  That's why I thought it was the perfect time to share these photos my husband took last weekend.

The children lasted almost a whole hour outside playing in the snow until they decided it was too cold and wanted to come inside for hot cocoa.  Luckily, my husband was able to capture several fun moments with our new Samsung NX300 Smart Wifi Compact Camera.  He shot all these photos on auto and I'm quite impressed with how they turned out . . .

Snow angel

Playing in the snow

Static cling hair

Playing in the snow

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