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Shop Smart . . . One Handbag & 5 Shoes Styles To Meet All Your Casual Needs

One handbag and five coordinating shoe styles for a casual look
Although I love to shop, I always try to shop smart.  For example, I have a not-so-secret obsession with handbags.  However, I do not switch handbags daily.  In fact, I have grown more selective about which handbags I purchase so that I can enjoy them for at least a few months at a time.  In order to shop smart, I choose a handbag that I absolutely love and then I make sure I have several pairs of shoes that work that bag.  If I fail to do this, then the bag will likely end up in the back of my closet in less than one month's time.

For casual everyday use, I am infatuated with the Reef Weekender Bag.  Not only does the generous size make it versatile, but the colors in the hand woven textile are among my favorites.  This oversized bag could easily be paired with anything from denim to linen to silk.  All I would need to make this weekender carry me through at least the next two seasons would be some stylish and comfortable coordinating footwear.

My top shoe picks for the upcoming seasons . . . 

1.  Ballet Flats (The Reef Tropic Ballet Flat comes in a pattern that matches the Reef Weekender perfectly! . . . I'm just sayin'.)

2.  Low-Profile Boots or Booties (My go-to shoe for pairing with denim.)

3.  Flat or Wedge-Heel Espadrilles  (I personally cannot walk in wedges, but if you can, go for it because they look so flattering and feminine.)

4.  Canvas or Crocheted Oxfords (For when you are feeling a bit sporty, but not too sporty.)

5.  Understated Sandals  (Choose a pair that can be worn as easily with denim capris as with a little black dress.)

What tips do you have for shopping smart when it comes to shoes and handbags?