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Our Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Now Child-Friendly Thanks to This Heavy Duty ShockDrop Rugged Case

ShockDrop Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Tablet by Hard Candy Cases
Thank you to HardCandy Cases for providing a complimentary tablet case sample for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

We are an electronic and mobile family. We have pretty much every type of mobile device represented in our household….. multiple times over. Our kids are increasingly interested in mobile devices but very much handle our devices like they are toys . . . certainly an issue for a small and fragile device that may cost a few hundred dollars.  Coming to our rescue is the ShockDrop Rugged Case by HardCandy Cases for our Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10”. The Galaxy Tab is in high demand by the kids and really needs good protection.

The ShockDrop Rugged Case looks and feels like a big black offroad tire. Big thick silicon rubber “treads” all over with lots of grip. Not only does the ShockDrop offer significant drop protection, it is really easy to hold and helps prevent dropping in the first place, which is the ultimate protection. The kids have a sure grip on the tablet when it’s in the ShockDrop case.

The case has 10mm of padding on the corners for maximum shock absorption if dropped. The material composition is mixed to provide varying densities for a complete range of shock protection.

The ShockDrop case comes in multiple pieces and needs to be assembled around your tablet. Although there weren’t any instructions for assembly, it really was obvious and easy to put together. There are holes and cutouts for cameras and everything that needs it. The case has thick flaps to cover the ports to keep debris out.
ShockDrop Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Tablet by Hard Candy Cases

The case even has a cover for the screen that does not inhibit touch sensitivity one bit. I must admit I was very concerned about this feature and it ultimately was not an issue. The ShockDrop case covers 100% of your device, everything is protected.

I have no complaints about the ShockDrop Rugged Case at all.  HardCandy Cases did an excellent job with this case. It is a great deal easier to hand my kids an expensive device to play with now. The only “warning” I will issue is to invest in a good microfiber cloth and clean your screen very well before putting your device in the case. Debris sandwiched between the screen and cover will drive you nuts!

I highly recommend the ShockDrop Rugged Case, it really is a no-brainer for any device your kids want to handle. It would also make a great case for mobile devices used in tough environments like camping or travelling. This ShockDrop Case retails for $49.95 from HardCandy Cases, easily worth it to keep your expensive device safe.  This case is available for a variety of smartphones and other tablets, including the iPad, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, and more.  Visit to learn more.