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Join Me for the #HealthcareClinic Twitter Party & $550 in Prizes on Tuesday (2/18) at 1pm EST! #shop #cbias

#HealthcareClinic Twitter Party on Feb 18th at 1pm EST  #shop #cbias

Join the #HealthcareClinic Twitter Party!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics provide convenient and personalized care for patients seeking relief from illness. The clinics offer a variety of sick visit services including treatment of strep throat, bronchitis, sinus, and ear infections. You can schedule appointments online for yourself or a family member to treat a current illness or for routine health screenings!

I am patiently waiting for at least one of our local Walgreens locations to open a Healthcare Clinic.  I cannot count how many trips to the emergency room we've taken simply because we needed to see a medical professional during off hours.  A Walgreens Healthcare Clinic would have taken care of everything from our minor cuts to our fevers and flu symptoms without the long wait in the ER.

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Join #HealthcareClinic Twitter Party 2/18 1pm ET. Care made easy! Prizes $550! #shop #cbias

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