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Fashion That Gives: Join the TOMS One for One Movement with Zulily's Special Members-Only Pricing & Free Shipping

TOMS One for One Movement
This post has been written as part of a sponsored campaign for the Zulily affiliate program.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I've shared many charitable programs that benefit children with 3G2S readers over the years.  I am a huge fan of purchasing gifts that give and the same goes for fashion that gives.  There's something about knowing that your purchase helped someone in need that makes you have a little extra spring in your step, especially when that purchase was a pair of TOMS shoes.

TOMS One for One movement gives one child in need a pair of shoes for every one pair you purchase.  As if that isn't incentive enough, Zulily has organized a special TOMS event that offers special members-only pricing plus free shipping with your TOMS order totaling more than $65.  So, if you are starting to shop for springtime footwear for your family or something comfortable to wear on vacation during Spring break, be sure to checkout the selection of TOMS shoes for men, women, and children on Zulily.  The special pricing will be gone after 2/22, so don't miss out on this chance to help a child in need (and to get some cute new shoes)!