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6 Jewelry Must-Haves This Season

Menswear-inspired watches for women
This fashion trends post was brought to you by Jess Cammerman.

I believe every outfit is improved with the perfect jewelry; therefore, I’m happily presenting some of this year’s favorites. Pursuing and possessing just the right bling is a responsibility that comes with a great deal of pleasure! So, let’s take a look at six top trends . . . jewelry ‘must haves’ this season . . .

1.  Large Hoop Earrings - The larger the better! Hoop earrings add just the right touch to your favorite outfit, especially with hair pulled away from the face, say in a high ponytail. Skinnier hoops tend to appear feminine and lively, while dramatic hoops can be bold and enticing. These modern (yet timeless) additions look fantastic with both casual and formal designs.

2. Simple Diamond Studs - For those days when you prefer something slightly more subtle (or when you feel like wearing your hair down), a pair of gorgeous diamond stud earrings from Michael Hill look great with any outfit. Create a look that’s feminine, elegant, and full of sparkle, and wear them anytime . . . day or night. Diamond studs in gold and silver will complement your other jewelry; the ideal touch; studs are simply lovely!

3. Menswear-Inspired Watches - One of my favorite trends this season is the menswear watch. This hot new craze lends itself to combinations with other accessories… a little drama and practicality combined. Jewelry worn with the watch can offset the masculine touch, particularly feminine accessories. Look for a watch with a large face, enhanced by a leather or metallic wristband.

4. A Turquoise Necklace - An eye-catching turquoise necklace looks fantastic with many popular styles this season. From amazing rose gold, to off-white tops and dresses, the aqua-blue just seems to have it (and say it) all! Whether you choose to combine the necklace with a basic tee-shirt and jeans, or with an ethnic-print dress, turquoise makes an exotic statement. Perfect for almost any occasion, a silver and turquoise necklace, pendant, or choker adds drama and finesse.

5. Pearls - Pearls are a seasonal trend that never goes out of style. Sophisticated and tasteful, pearls can be worn with a little black dress or a soft-pink cashmere sweater. Innocent and sweet, classic pearls provide an eye-catching addition to many of this year’s fashion highlights. Pair the pearls with vintage styles, and allow your image to stand forever in time!

6.  Short Necklaces and Lockets - And speaking of throw-back looks, a lovely vintage locket will add understated femininity to any outfit, while adding updated inspiration to scoop-necked tops. Any short pendant, or necklace, that features a small silver or gold trinket is the perfect piece of jewelry to blend with many of today’s exciting fashion choices.

A statement necklace, men’s-watch, and alluring earring-set make the ideal additions to any jewelry ‘must-have’ list this season. You may also decide to add some metallic cuffs, right-hand rings, and long layered-necklaces to the inventory . . . after all this is the year when everything goes, and isn’t it all about having fun?!