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The eKids' Disney Creativity Studio Stylus & App for the iPad is Our Son's Favorite Birthday Gift This Year!

Disney Creativity Studio Stylus by eKids
Thank you to eKids for providing a complimentary Disney Creativity Stylus sample for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

My son, Quinn, is very artsy. He loves anything crafty and can literally spend hours drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting, and creating. For his 7th birthday (on January 22), his dad and I were looking for something fun, different, and creative that we could get him, so when we were offered the Disney Creativity Studio Stylus, I knew it was the perfect present for him.

With the Disney Creativity Stylus, real Disney artists help turn your child’s iPad into an art studio. The app is free to to download via the code included with the stylus. The app itself is really easy to use and the instructions are very clear and the stylus comes out of the box ready-to-use and is also pretty simple and straightforward - just turn it on and it’s ready.
Disney Creativity Studio Stylus by eKids birthday gift idea

This app has a handy up/down button that you can use to change the width of your pen strokes and it even has a “magic mode” effect when you shake the stylus 3 times.   Doing so transforms your writing into a rainbow. The app has a free writing mode, learn to draw your favorite Disney characters section, and activities such as connect the dots. Plus, it has a whole array of “utensils” to choose from such as paintbrush, spray paint, markers, calligraphy pens, chalk, and more.

When Quinn saw his Creativity Studio Stylus, he was really excited. As soon as his party was over, he downloaded the app and started drawing. At first, his drawings were almost unrecognizable, but after just a few days they were much better, and now they are pretty good. He loves that he can save his work to go back and look at over and over. He also loves trying out the pens, stamps, and other fun things and is so glad he got it. He says it’s his favorite birthday gift this year. Since we homeschool, we have also used the Disney Creativity Stylus in our homeschool as art class.
Disney Creativity Studio Stylus by eKids

We are very happy with the Disney Creativity Studio Stylus and how it’s easy to use, well made, stores away easily in it’s protective case, and is really fun. It certainly suits my little artist and I’m glad he has it. You can learn more about the Disney Creativity Stylus and purchase it from eKids, Toys"R"Us, and for $49.99.