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Silly Monkey Stories: Our Children May Be Tiny Hoarders

Last weekend, we decided that it was time for the children to clean their room.  With all the new items that came into the house over Christmas and their birthdays this month, this was long overdue.  Originally, we thought they just needed to clean things they left out and around their room.  Then our oldest child, Jake, discovered he had lost a prop he needed for a school project.  This led us to turn the room upside-down.  When they had no luck finding the missing item, I had a turn trying.  That was when I had the revelation that my sons might be hoarders in the making . . .

Here is a diagram of the items (I could recall seeing) that were in our boys' bunk beds.  There were many other little items, but I just cannot remember them all.  I honestly do not know how they have room to stretch out and sleep comfortably at night, but they seem to manage to.  Some odd things that stood out to me were the chemistry set, the 8 t-shirts, and the bookmark I found in the bed of a boy who never reads in bed.  My husbands says that he empties out their beds completely when he changes their sheets, but somehow everything ends up back in the beds eventually.

What is the oddest thing you've ever found in your child's bed?

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