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Good Food Made Simple Frozen Food Products Make It Easy for My Family to #EatClean

This post was written as part of a paid Eat Clean, Eat Simple campaign for The Motherhood and their client Good Food Made Simple. All opinions expressed are my own.

Because our busy family rarely has any down time, easy and convenient solutions are something I am constantly on the lookout for to help streamline our household.  Like with many beneficial things I see other people doing, when it comes to clean eating, I've always thought to myself that I would do this if someone would come up with a way to make it quick and easy for me.  As our lives have become busier, we have turned to using prepared foods and order takeout for dinner more and more.

For the most part, I am not a label-reader, except when checking for how much sodium is in a product if my husband will be eating it.  According to the survey results recently published by Good Food Made Simple, 65% of Americans are just like me and do not read food labels prior to purchasing.  Many of those who do read labels some of the time admitted that they do not understand what a lot of the listed ingredients are.

What's the solution for a busy family like mine? . . .  To slowly compile a list of food brands that I trust to offer products that are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, as well as free of hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fat).  Eventually, I won't have to take the time to read that many labels if I have a good list of go-to brands.  This will be a gradual process, but the first name to be added to my list of trusted clean eating brands is Good Food Made Simple.

No matter how much any given food is better for them, all my family really cares about is the taste.   Before any brand makes it onto my clean eating list, I have to know that my husband and children will actually eat the products.  My family received an assortment of Good Food Made Simple products to try.  Among those, our favorites were the egg patties made with egg whites (they're large enough to use with jumbo English muffins), the breakfast burritos, and the mac & cheese.  I was particularly thrilled that our twins enjoyed the mac & cheese made with Cabot white cheddar.  They love mac & cheese, but are quite set in their ways, so there was a 50/50 chance they would snub this new variety.  Instead, they told me that this was the best macaroni and cheese they've ever eaten!

In addition to the products we tried, Good Food Made Simple also offers oatmeal, breakfast bowls, egg white burritos, and entree wraps and burritos.  Each product is available in different varieties, so you will never get bored.  To learn more about Good Food Made Simple frozen products, visit, where you can also find a helpful ingredient dictionary and where to buy Good Food Made Simple products locally.