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Fun Personalized Greeting Cards for Spouses . . . Perfect for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, and More!

Since Valentine's Day is almost upon us, you may be starting to think about cards, gifts, and romantic gestures.  Even if you and your significant other do not exchange gifts on Valentine's Day, a thoughtful Valentine's Day card might still be in order just to say you're thinking about the love of your life on this day and everyday.  If he or she is not particularly appreciative of sappy or corny cards, then you might consider a customizable card from

I bought my husband a birthday card from a few months ago.  He was floored at how much it seemed like this card was written just for him.  Well, that's because it was . . . sort of.  With Treat cards, you can change the wording to suit the recipient's and your own personalities to include nicknames, inside jokes, and anything else you can think of.  For this Hard Bargain birthday card, I was able to change the text on the front and interior of the card, and was even able to add a photo inside.

Treat offers greeting cards for all occasions, even Chinese New Year and Cinco de Mayo!  Because they can be customized for free, you can find the perfect card for pretty much anyone on your card list.  You can even have the card mailed directly to the recipient for the price of a first class U.S. stamp.  When I had this card sent to me (free of charge) so that I could hand deliver it to my husband, the card and envelope came in a discreet cardboard mailer.  I will definitely be buying one-of-a-kind cards from Treat again, especially since the cards cost the same or less than the average greeting card sold in drug stores and mass retailers.