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Silly Monkey Stories: A Letter to the Elf on the Shelf (a.k.a. Bob)

Last year, we introduced our children to The Elf on the Shelf.  We even watched the DVD and read the book.  Our children couldn't agree on a name for him, so they named him Bob Jake Luke Makenzie, Jr.  We call him 'Bob' for short.  Ever since last year, Bob has been keeping a watchful eye on the children from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve.  He hides in a different spot around the house, so the children have fun trying to find him every morning.

One morning recently, the children found a note from Bob with the words "Be good" on it.  Well, they promptly ignored that advice, but decided to leave him a note of their own.  Our nearly 7 year old daughter had been practicing letter writing at school, so she took on the task of writing a letter out that reflected the thoughts of all three children . . .

On the morning the children found that note from Bob, he was sitting on top of the curtain rod in the living room, which explains how the children's letter was addressed . . .

Do you have a silly Holiday story to share about your children?  I'd love to hear it!

Happy Holidays!!

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