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Shop 'n' Share: #RadioShack Has You Covered For Holiday Gift Ideas For the Whole Family! (Sponsored by #MC)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.  All opinions expressed are my own.

As a child, I remember visiting our local RadioShack store with my Dad a countless number of times.  It was the place to shop for electronics, even if you were just looking for a power surge protector.  In 2013, there are many places to shop for electronics and gadgets, but RadioShack will always be among the top choices of trusted technology retailers on my list.  My husband and I are happy to have a RadioShack conveniently located in our local mall.  Aside from some specialty stores for mobile phones, Apple, or Microsoft products, the only other electronics retailer in the mall is a modest section in one of the anchor stores.  This RadioShack store must be a lifesaver for anyone who wants to finish all their Holiday shopping in one trip to the mall.

Many families save most of their major electronics purchases for Christmas gifts.  My family is the opposite.  If we need (or want) a new TV, tablet, or mobile phone, we usually do not wait to purchase it as a gift.  Instead, for the Holidays, we buy smaller thoughtful items for each other and for other people on our list, which often includes gifts in the tech and gadgets category.

I was delighted to see a sign for RadioShack's Holiday Cash promotion at the front of the store.  For every $50 a customer spends, they will earn $10 in Holiday cash that the customer can redeem one at a time during the specified dates on most purchases (with some exclusions).   That $10 could pay for a stocking stuffer or batteries for the gift you purchased during your first visit!

Although our local RadioShack store is likely smaller than freestanding locations, I was still amazed at how much they could pack into this mall location.  They had some of the most sought after gifts of the season, such as no-contract mobile phones, the newest smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and more.  I was also extremely impressed with the selection of toys, which included modular remote control cars, quad copters, and learning toys.  For more gift ideas, visit RadioShack's Holiday Hub.

If you have stockings to stuff this year, RadioShack also has you covered with fun and useful items sized perfectly for a stocking.  Not only were there gift cards for Xbox Live, Google Play, iTunes, and more, there was a huge assortment of external battery portable chargers for mobile phones and novelty USB thumb drives.  I even found special edition Hexbug Nanos that pulled Santa's sleigh!

That day, I was shopping at RadioShack to check off a few things on my husband's wishlist.  An intercom system for the house was something that has been on his list for a long time.  Because I know it's not a common gift idea for the Holidays, I was happy to be able to find one for a decent price.  Also, my husband's alarm clock stopped working many months ago and he has been using his smartphone's alarm clock app in its place.  We both miss being able to glance at the clock to know what time it is instantly, so I picked up a digital alarm clock for him as well.

Since I spent more than $100, I received two $10 Holiday Cash coupons.  I will be returning to RadioShack soon to get the batteries I need for all our gifts plus a compact external battery for my smartphone.

If you haven't shopped your local RadioShack lately, be sure to make a point of stopping in.  Nearly 2,000 store locations have received a makeover with more to come.  I hope ours is on the list of stores to be reset in 2014.  As a sneak peak, checkout the new RadioShack Speaker Wall below . . .

To learn more about what RadioShack has to offer, visit