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SOL Republic Tracks V8 On-Ear Modular Headphones

Thank you to SOL Republic for providing a complimentary Tracks V8 Headphones sample for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize. All opinions expressed are my own.

If you have ever read any of my reviews, you already know I am smitten with SOL Republic products. This year I was sent the Tracks V8 On-Ear Headphones to try and review. I will cut to the chase and tell you I loved them (surprise!). I promise to come clean with one imperfection however! As the proud owner of two sets of higher end SOL Republic headphones already, I was very curious to see how the entry level set compared to their pricier offerings.

The Tracks look great and come with the signature indestructible headband that all their sets do. I absolutely love the classic and simple lines of the Tracks, but they somehow also seem to convey a wilder side. The set I chose have a flat red headband and glossy black ear cups. Sizzle. The thick rubber cord is also red with a black volume control mirroring the look of the headset itself. Hot.

If you are not familiar, all SOL Republic headphones are modular and can be broken down for travel. And like all other SOL Republic sets, you can mix and match the components to create a custom pair unique to your tastes and personality (extra components sold separately). The Tracks feature SOL Republics signature thick rubber cord that does an excellent job resisting tangles. Fear not placing the cord in your pocket, for it will emerge untangled!

How do they sound? Great to put it simply. I was surprised to hear how well they compare to my Anthems and Master Tracks, both more expensive models. I can hear a difference for sure, but for $99 headphones the sound is fantastic. The Tracks feature SOL Republics deep bass and the rest of the range is superb.

I see so many celebrity endorsed headphones out there on the market and wonder why people buy them, how much of your money is going to the brand and not the quality of the product? Don’t get me wrong, SOL Republic works with some celebrities too, but they aren't the brand. Every SOL Republic product I own is far better than its higher priced competition and the Tracks aren’t an exception. I don’t know how many times I have tried $300 headphones in stores and think to myself, “My Tracks sound as good (or better!) and cost a fraction of this price.”  This is all my own opinion of course, but I challenge you to go try them for yourself. Compare the $99 Tracks against any Beats by Dr Dre or the Sony X series, regardless of their price.

So what is wrong with the Tracks? I promised one imperfection: The cord is too short! I would love to see an extra foot of cord. The Tracks are designed to work with mobile devices, but a longer cord would be better suited for people using them on their PC’s or sound systems. That’s it, the very worst thing I can say about them!

Big surprise: I highly recommend the SOL republic Tracks with the V8 Sound Engines. They sound nearly as good as my more expensive sets and they are an excellent choice for budget audiophiles. If you appreciate great sound and your budget is tight, you will not be disappointed with the Tracks.  You can purchase this SOL Republic product at Best Buy,, RadioShack, GameStop, and most places where quality electronics are sold.

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