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2013 Holiday Tech & Gadgets Gift Guide on 3G2S

Product samples of some of the items featured below were provided to facilitate this gift guide.  All opinions expressed are our own.

1. SOL Republic Deck Wireless Speaker ($199.99) - The Deck wireless speaker by SOL Republic and Motorola combines style and performance. The Deck is the only wireless speaker that has Heist Mode, a feature that allows up to 5 users to stream music to the speaker for a dynamic listening experience. Another exclusive feature unique to the Deck is Super-Power Wireless, allowing connected devices up to a 300 foot range from the speaker. The unit boasts an extra loud volume for outdoor use and a rechargeable battery that provides many hours of listening between charges. The speaker broadcasts in all directions providing a 360 field of music supported by a deep bass. The Deck can also be used as a speakerphone when paired with your smartphone.  The Deck is the perfect gift for music lovers who like to bring their music with them and share.

Keep an eye out for my full review of the SOL Republic Deck coming soon.  To learn more about the SOL Republic Deck, read our review and visit

2.  VTech InnoTab 3S Wifi Learning Tablet ($99.99 Now $69.99) - The InnoTab 3S by VTech is a tablet made especially for kids yet is full of features found in many tablets made for adults. The InnoTab 3S connects to you home's wifi and offers a completely controlled web experience. Parents can add approved websites to the units pre installed list of kid friendly sites. The InnoTab 3S is chock full of preinstalled learning activities, games, books, and art applications. Parents can go online to the Learning Lodge and add content at any time, some free and some for purchase. The unit boasts a 5” screen, rotating 2 megapixel camera, SD card slot, and 4 gigabytes of onboard storage.  The InnoTab 3S is a full featured tablet packed in a kid friendly package. This kid tablet is no toy. The unit offers extensive parental controls as well.

If you aren't ready to spend $300 or more for an adult tablet for your child, the InnoTab 3S is a great bridge tablet. The InnoTab 3S is the perfect choice for kids ages 3-9, who are asking for a tablet this holiday season.  This tablet comes in Blue, Pink, and a special edition Dora the Explorer model.

To learn more about the InnoTab 3S, visit

3.  Mobile Edge Mini Messenger Bag  ($49.99) - The Mobile Edge Mini Messenger bag is designed for tablet or netbook PC users who do not want to carry a full sized laptop bag. For anyone who needs to carry IT tools and related items in addition to a tablet, the Mobile Edge Mini is a perfect solution. The bag is made from rugged nylon and mesh with large zippers and plastic clips. This Mobile Edge messenger contains two padded compartments that can easily house any full size tablet or 13” ultrabook computer. The outer compartment has many divided sections for other gear. There is a small zippered outside pocket that is perfect for keys. This unisex tablet bag also has a bottle pocket and a second buttoned compartment (perfect for a flashlight) on each side of the bag. The Mobile Edge Mini Messenger bag is the perfect gift for the mobile professional.

To see color choices and more detailed information visit or

4. Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speakerphone  ($99.00) - This speakerphone by Jabra allows for complete hands free calling in your car and much more. The Freeway automatically turns on and off when you enter or exit your car using its sensitive motion detection. The battery boasts a 14 hour talk time with a 40 day standby and can recharge from your car's 12 volt outlet with a provided charger. The unit can also charge using an included USB cable. The Jabra Freeway Speakerphone doubles as a bluetooth speaker by playing music through your car's FM stereo, as well as streamed from your mobile device. The Freeway is sleek in appearance and looks equally at-home in your car or on an office desk. The unit is small and light and attaches easily to a car's visor. This bluetooth speakerphone offers excellent sound clarity and microphone sensitivity. The Freeway is a perfect gift for anybody who likes to chat in the car or requires high quality hands free communication. It also makes an excellent speaker for your mobile media.

Visit for more information, including a product video.

5.  SOL Republic Tracks On-Ear Interchangeable Headphones V8  ($99.99) - The Tracks headphones by SOL Republic are handsome and simple in design. The Tracks are modular and the components (available for purchase separately) can be changed to suit any taste creating a truly unique set of headphones. The sound is rich in bass without sacrificing the rest of the range suiting many tastes in music. The ear pads are soft and the headband is virtually indestructible.  At $99.99 the SOL Republic Tracks offer a high quality experience at a fraction of the cost of its peers.  These headphones would be the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the sound of high quality audio.

To learn more about these on-ear headphones, read our review and visit

6.  Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset  ($49.99) - The Jabra Style is a small and svelte bluetooth headset. It may very well be one of the smallest headsets you have ever seen for a mobile phone. The earpiece fits almost entirely in your ear and the clip is clear so the unit is fairly inconspicuous. The Jabra Style is very easy to use as most of the features are automated. The unit detects the ambient noise and adjusts the volume automatically. In fact, the only button on the Jabra Style is the off/on button that doubles as the answer button. It is refreshing to find a top end headset that is so easy to use. The Jabra Style would be a great gift for anybody who likes to chat while they drive, workout, cook, or just about anything else that requires them to keep their hands free.

For more information about this and other Jabra products, visit

7.  Lightscoop Deluxe  ($36.95) - Lightscoop is a swiveling detachable mirror you can put on your D-SLR camera to bounce the light from your flash off other surfaces, such as the ceiling or a wall.  This results in photos that have lights and shadows that are soft, rather than the harsh ones resulting from using a direct flash.  This little gadget slides right into the slot where you would normally attach an external flash and works best for cameras with nice bright flashes.  The Lightscoop is most effective when used with ceilings that are approximately 14ft high or lower and walls that are no more than 4ft away.  The Lightscoop Deluxe folds for easy storage.  Also available is the Lightscoop Jr. ($18.95), which comes with a storage pouch and works well on many compact cameras with bright flashes.  Remember to visit the product pages to be sure which Lightscoop product will work best with your type of camera.  Both products would make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for that special photographer in your life.

To learn more about these and other Lightscoop products, visit, Lightscoop on Facebook, and on Twitter.

More tech and gadget gift ideas will be added to this Holiday Gift Guide through December.  Remember to check back often and to follow @_Karen on Twitter to keep up with what's new!