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A Dragon Warrior Ninja Costume for Our Ninja-Obsessed Son

Thank you to Halloween Adventure for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

While much of the nation is currently obsessed with zombies, our 9 year old son is obsessed with ninjas.  He even has several ninja-themed t-shirts to prove it.  In fact, he told me he wanted to dress up as ninja for this Halloween while he was taking off his Star Wars costume last Halloween.

When I started looking for a ninja costume for our son over the summer, I could not believe how many different varieties there were.  There were some that were all black, which I believe our son needed if he wanted to be truly stealthy and undetectable, and some that were brightly colored, which were very un-ninja-like if you ask me.  My son was partial to one ninja costume we saw that was trimmed in bright (almost neon) red.  Luckily, we found this Dragon Warrior Ninja Costume at Halloween Adventure that we both liked.

The gold accented "armor" on this costume was ornate enough to please my son and subtle enough to satisfy me.  It turned out to be extremely comfortable to wear.  He did not mind the plastic mask, which fits seamlessly over the hood of the jumpsuit and the foam armor was very lightweight.  I had ordered a Size Large and everything fit well, except the inseam was a bit long for my son.  I fixed this easily by pulling the jumpsuit up at the waist, securing it with paperclips, and hiding the extra fabric under the belt.  Our son also said that the opening of the hood that went around the top of his head and under his chin was very snug, but he insists that it is wearable since the fabric has some give to it.

Since none were included, we added our own ninja gloves and ninja sword to the costume.  When we went outside to take a few photos, several of the neighbor's children told our son how cool his costume was, which pleased our son immensely.  He cannot wait to wear this ninja costume trick-or-treating this year!

This Children's Dragon Warrior Ninja Costume sells for $24.99 on, but you can currently save an additional 20% off all their costumes with the promo code SPOOKY20.