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3 Tasty & Easy Ways to Add Something Fun to Your Halloween Celebrations! #SpookyCelebration #shop #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study about Halloween Celebrations for Collective Bias and their client.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Since I am not usually into Halloween baking, I thought I would share some easy no-bake ways to make your Halloween celebrations more fun.  In our house, Halloween is mostly about creating fun memories for our children.  This not only includes cool costumes and candies galore, but also memorable decorations and unique ways to celebrate.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing the words "Remember one year when . . . ".

Last year, we created some pretty darn cool favors to hand out to trick-or-treaters.  This year, I experimented with a few different ways to use candy to create something fun just for our children. After a week of experimenting (my poor husband was tasked with the job of eating all the failed experiments), I came up with a few cool things that anyone can make, even children.

How to make Eyeballs Ice Cubes . . . 

1 standard ice cube tray
Skittles candy

Step 1.  Fill each mold in a standard ice tray about 90% full with water.

Step 2.  Sort through your Skittles and pull out all your orange, yellow, and purple candies.

Step 3.  Place 2 of the same colored Skittles next to each other flat against the bottom in each water-filled mold of the ice cube tray.

Step 4.  Place tray in freezer and allow to freeze completely.

You will notice that the color coating of the Skittles will dissolve into the water almost immediately.  By the time the ice cubes have completely frozen, much of the candy center will have dissolved also, leaving behind two small pieces of candy that will resemble eyeballs.

How to make Candy Corn Ice Cubes . . . 

1 standard ice cube tray
Starburst candy (yellow and orange only)
cutting board

Step 1.  Fill each mold in a standard ice tray about 90% full with water.

Step 2.  Laying each unwrapped Starburst flat on the cutting board, cut the candy into halves.

Step 3.  Place 3 pieces of cut candy flat into the bottom of each water-filled space in the ice cube tray.  Be sure to line the 3 candy pieces in a yellow/orange/yellow or an orange/yellow/orange pattern.

Step 4.  Place tray into freezer and allow to freeze completely.

Although the Starburst candy pieces do not completely dissolve, the results will be a gradient of color within the ice cubes.

Take a look at our Eyeballs and Candy Corn ice cubes . . . 

Keeping in mind that these ice cubes contain sugary candy in them, you may want to use plain ice cubes to fill 2/3 of the glass and add the candy ice cubes on top.  These taste great served with 7UP alone (which was my favorite) or in a party punch made out of 50% 7UP and 50% Hawaiian Punch.

How to make Ice Cream Sandwich Coffins . . . 

rectangular ice cream sandwiches
M&M candies
tube of white icing (for writing)
cutting board

Step 1.  Lay each frozen ice cream sandwich vertically on the cutting board and cut off the tips of the top two corners.

Step 2.  To form the shape of a coffin, cut off the bottom two corners of the ice cream sandwich, starting your cut about halfway down the left and right sides.

Step 3.  Sort through the M&M candies and pull out the fall colors (brown, yellow, orange, and red).

Step 4.  Push the M&M's into the ice cream all around the sides of the ice cream sandwich, making sure to alternate the colors.

Step 5.  Using the white frosting, write the letters "RIP" on the front upper half of the ice cream sandwich.

Step 6.  Store the decorated ice cream sandwich in the freezer until ready to serve.

I experimented with all types of candy, such as Snickers and Twix Fun Size bars, to finally settle on using M&M's.  If you end up doing some experimenting of your own to make Halloween punch, this ice cream sandwich coffin, or other Halloween desserts, I would love to hear about your results.

For more fun #SpookyCelebration Halloween ideas, visit the Spooky Halloween Celebrations Pinterest board and  Also be sure to check for coupons on products you may use in these and other Halloween recipes.