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The New Scotch and Post-It Home Collection is Available Exclusively at the Container Store

Thank you to 3M for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

Scotch and Post-It are trusted brands because they make excellent products that people are very loyal to. Their new Home Collection has new, innovative products to make our lives a little easier. This exclusive line can be purchased at The Container Store.

The Post-It Reminder Tags let you put your reminders where they’ll be seen. Their unique, wrap-around design means they can stick to seat belts, purses, backpacks, and more. These are very handy for giving myself little reminders to pick something up while I’m out, to label containers, and to write sweet notes to my kiddos and hubby that I can stick just about anywhere. These are very handy and unique Post-It’s that I’ve used quite a lot. They retail for about $3.99.

Post-It View & Go Pockets are a great organizational solution because these pouches stick very well and yet remove cleanly and their clear front means you can see exactly what you’ve got in them. I use them to store important papers or worksheets for my kids, but they could be used for so many things. They come in 2 sizes so there is sure to be something to fill your needs. These retail for $6.99-$7.99.

Scotch Display Frames instantly frame and display precious artwork in a beautiful way and yet it is simple to change out the pics without damaging them or the wall. Instead of storing art on the fridge where it can get damaged or lost, this gives them the display they deserve without being unattractive. I love this frame and plan to buy another so I can display each of my son’s artwork in its own frame. This retails for $4.99-$6.99 depending on the size of frame chosen.

And finally, Scotch Restickable Display Strips give a decorative way to store important pages in style. These reusable mounting strips stick just about anywhere without damaging anything and are sticky enough that pages stay put but also won’t rip or tear them. I got these right around my birthday and it was a perfect place to stick my cards so we could enjoy them on display without it cluttering up my tables. I love the color and the way they look with or without anything stuck to them. These are among my new favorite products available. These retail for $7.99.

As with all Scotch and Post-It products, these are well-designed and well-made, just as you’d expect. I would highly recommend any of these products to anyone because of how handy they are.  You can view the full Home Collection line at