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The FitFlop Leather Crush Boot from Sole Provisions is Style & Ultimate Comfort Rolled Into One

Thank you to Sole Provisions for providing a complimentary FitFlop boot sample to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

You may have heard rumors recently about my turning forty.  Well, it's true.  Although I mostly faced my recent birthday graciously, I was suddenly more aware of the aches in my lower back and knees.  Those pains weren't new.  I had already mostly given up on wearing any shoes with heels higher than 2-inches.  These aches were just evidence that I was no long a 30-something mom.

When I first heard of the brand FitFlop, I was skeptical.  Then I went to the Sole Provisions retail site and found myself to be pleasantly surprised that FitFlop not only offers much more than just thong-style sandals, they make clogs, sneakers, and boots!  Did I ever mention that I am a boot-addict?

What FitFlop is known for is their MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsole.  This technology allows their footwear to distribute the pressure underfoot.  The soles also do an excellent job of absorbing the shock from walking, so there is less stress on the legs and joints.  I was thrilled to be able to try out a pair of the FitFlop Leather Crush Boots and I knew just the place to take them for a test run . . . at the annual Renaissance Faire.

Aside from sitting down to eat lunch and to watch a few shows, my family and I spent the rest of the time from 10am to about 5:30pm walking around.  There were lots of shops to browse through, lines to wait in, and fun costumes to see.

I must say that my feet did not feel tired at all and it was not until the last hour that we spent at the Renaissance Faire that my legs started to feel slightly tired.  These boots were lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.  The Crush Boot was the first pair of shoes I've tried that rivaled the comfort and support of sneakers.  If I had a choice, I would choose a stylish pair of leather wedge-heeled boots over sneakers any day!

I should mention that the boots came with a little warning on the tag that said the special midsole could potentially increase the activity of certain muscles when walking.  It also advised that I wear them for a short time at first and then slowly increase the length of time.  When we got home from the Renaissance Faire, my legs were barely tired at all.  The next morning, however, my legs felt like I had run a marathon.  So, that is something you should keep in mind with your first pair of FitFlop footwear.

Visit to view the full selection of FitFlop shoes.  The Crush Boot is available in versatile colors in both leather and suede uppers.  Which one is your favorite?