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Photos from the 2013 King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA

Thank you to King Richard's Faire for providing press passes for my family this year.  All opinions expressed are my own.

If you recall, my family had the pleasure of attending King Richard's Faire twice in 2012.  We were more than thrilled to return.  We tried to plan out our schedule lightly so that we could see some of our favorite performers and a few new ones too.

What we did not know was that we chose the wrong weekend to attend.  It turned out that there was a Groupon that week, so the faire was far busier than we had ever seen it before.  We were not able to see everything on our list because it took so much longer to get from one place to another and to wait in some of the lines.  What we were most disappointed about was not being able to catch at least one of the 3 jousting events.  The first one one so crowded, we could not even get near the field.  We missed the second joust because it took so long to get our food for lunch.  We missed the third joust because we had to wait a whole hour to ride the Swan Swing.

We were very happy to be able to see some of our favorite shows, like Honour for Hyre, The Tale of the Tiger Big Cat Show, and Jacques Ze Whipper, who had injured himself and had to incorporate his peg leg into his act.  He did an excellent job of it.

My husband enjoyed his obligatory Yard o'Beere and the whole family partook in the gigantic turkey leg.

We were able to catch some acts that we had missed last year, such as Vicious & Delicious.

We also had never seen the Wonder Show Magic before.  The children just loved this act because several children from the audience were invited to participate in the show.  Our daughter was asked to verify and announce that Joseph of Stoughton's potatoes were still in his magic sack.  I think she was happy to have been asked to do that instead of assisting with the guillotine trick.

Last year, we were able to test some of our skills in archery with bows and arrows.  This year, we opted to try out the crossbows.

Our 6 year old twins insisted on riding the Swan Swing again, since they loved it so much last year.  Even though there was a long wait, we just could not disappoint them.

We picked up an extra souvenir for our daughter on the way out that day.  She chose a pair of pink horns.  Since our two sons took off their costumes piece by piece throughout the day, I'm thinking the next time we return to the faire, we should all buy some horns or tails to wear with our own clothes so we can be in the Renaissance Faire spirit, but still be comfortable.

When it came time for the faire to close and for us to go home, we were all super-tired.  Still, we wished we could stay longer because there was more we wanted to see.

If you want to attend King Richard's Faire, it will still be in Carver, Massachusetts until October 20th!  Be sure to see what special events have been planned for the last few weekends.  You can view more photos of King Richard's Faire 2013 on the 3G2S Facebook page.