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Get a Jumpstart on Holiday Shopping . . . Save up to 50% off Ann Loren Matching Outfits for Girls and Their 18" Dolls

This post has been written as part of a Zulily affiliate promotion.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Even though our 6-1/2 year old Makenzie has grown up with two brothers, is extremely athletic, and loves studying taekwondo, she somehow turned out to be one of the girliest girls I know.  Although she enjoys playing Legos and computer games with her brothers, I know that she wishes deep down that she had a sister to play dolls and dress-up with.

When I showed Makenzie the Ann Loren matching outfits for girls and their 18" dolls, she immediately wanted to see each and every one.  She once had a few matching outfits for herself and her favorite doll, but unfortunately she recently outgrew them and it is quite difficult to find such matching outfits in sizes larger than a girl's size 6 or 6x.  Not only are the Ann Loren outfits fun, bold, and oh-so-sweet, many of them are available in up to a size 9/10 for girls.

Our daughter chose the Pink & Black Deva Tunic and Ruffle Pants to be her favorite outfit, but I like the Polka Dot Rizzo Dress (pictured above) the best.  Which Ann Loren outfit is your favorite?

If you like to start your Holiday shopping early or know a girl with a special birthday coming up, then you will most definitely want to take advantage of the Ann Loren up to 50% off sale!  As a 3G2S reader, you can shop starting today (9/8)! For the general public, the sale will be taking place on Zulily from 9/9 to 9/11.  There are even 18" doll carriers and doll beds included in this sale!