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Finding Balance With Asperger's: The Sensory Seekers Fidget Kit . . . a Therapy Shoppe Exclusive!

Thank you to the Therapy Shoppe for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Sensory issues are common for kids with Asperger's like Quinn, and fidgets are a very necessary part of his everyday life. We love having a large variety of fidgets so he never gets bored and we can have some all ready for him in the car and out in public. The Sensory Seekers Fidget Kit, and exclusive kit from the Therapy Shoppe, is a great kit that helps us expand our fidget supply with some unique and different toys to occupy Quinn’s hands.

The Sensory Seekers Fidget Kit contains 7 quiet fidgets to give tactile input, help kids learn to self-calm, and help them focus. The fidgets included are the Jumbo Porcupine Ball, Squiggle Band, Tickley Tactile Ball, Brain Noodle, Thinking Putty, Sensory Finger Squeezer, and Fidgeting Fleece Bag. Each fidget is fun, colorful, and provides tons of positive sensory input without being over-stimulating or requiring batteries.

The Jumbo Porcupine Ball, Squiggle Band, and Tickley Tactile Ball are each rubbery little toys that are stretchy and they feel good against your skin but provide lots of tactile input. The Brain Noodle is exactly like a giant pipe cleaner and it’s really fun to bend, unbend, shape, and wrap around your hands to keep your hands busy. The Fidgeting Fleece Bag is a little bean bag that has a fleece exterior so it’s soft against skin, but fun to toss from hand to hand. The Thinking Putty is much like Silly Putty but it’s iridescent and it’s great for building hand strength along with making things. Last but not least, the Sensory Finger Squeezer is a little rubber ring to squeeze that has bumps around it for added tactile input. Each fidget is great and Quinn loves playing with them all.

As with all the Therapy Shoppe’s products, each fidget is really well made and will last for a long time if they’re not abused. You can purchase this and all the Therapy Shoppe’s specialty products on their website, This kit retails for $19.99.