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Weekend Wishlist" Purple CZ Ring, Dumpling Maker, Comfort Mat, Star Wars Vader T-Shirt, and More!

It's Friday!  That means I've been browsing the new sales on Zulily.  I love shopping on the weekends because I only pay shipping on my first order and get free shipping on everything else from Friday through midnight on Sunday.  Today, Zulily launched a huge Star Wars sale event.  My husband and two sons are huge fans of Star Wars, so it was difficult to not let my wishlist get overrun with Star Wars clothing, books, and memorabilia.  I definitely already have Holiday shopping on the brain.  Have you started your Holiday shopping yet?

What's new on my Zulily wishlist today?

1.  Purple Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Rectangle Ring - $25.99 (Originally $76)

2.  Dumpling Pocket Machine - $8.49 (Originally $10)

3.  Black Pulse Office Chair - $109.99 (Originally $210)

4.  Mocha Imprint Comfort Mat - $49.99 (Originally $170)

5.  Dollhouse Fuchsia Zip-Up Hoodie - Toddler & Girls - $24.99 (Originally $49)

6.  Reborn Collection Black Floral V-Neck Dress - Plus - $29.99 (Originally $80)

7.  Star Wars Darth Vader Tritan 25-Oz. Water Bottle - $7.99 (Originally $12)

8.  Gray 'Obey Me' Darth Vader Tee - Kids - $9.99 (Originally $22)

If you haven't already, be sure to checkout my post "6 Tips for Shopping on Zulily"!  What's on your weekend wishlist from Zulily or somewhere else?