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Encourage Your Child to Read More with This Easy DIY Laminated Bookmark Craft

Thank you to Fellowes for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I bought my first laminator years ago and it had served me well for years. Recently, it broke and I had been in the market for a new one when I was offered the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator. This laminator is of much better quality than my previous one and I have loved using it for many things, such as photos, important documents, cards, and much more. One of my favorite recent projects has been helping my kids create fun bookmarks they can use while reading.

Today's Project:  DIY Laminated Bookmarks for Kids

laminator (We used the Fellowes Saturn2 95)
laminating pouches
white or colored
colored markers
single hole puncher

Step 1.  Turn on the Fellowes laminator to preheat, which takes about 5 minutes. (I select the 3 mil setting per instructions on the laminating pouches I was planning to use.)

Step 2.  Print a free bookmark template. I used colored paper per my children's request, just for added flair. (You don’t have to use a template, but I did just so they’d know their constraints.)

Step 3.  Have your child decorate the bookmark with magic markers.  You could also use some fun stickers.  (My kids had a blast using their imaginations and designing their bookmarks. Avery, 11 years old, went with clever phrases and minimal decorations, while Quinn, 6 years old, went for a more artistic approach.)

Step 4.  Help your child cut out their bookmark.  Then punch a hole centered at the top approximately 1/2" from the edge. (Each of my kids then cut out their own bookmark and I punched a hole at the top for the tassel.)

Step 5.  Carefully placed each bookmark into the laminating pouch, making sure there is enough room on each side to cut them out later, and then closed the pouch.

Step 6.  Place the pouches into the laminator one at a time with the closed side going into the machine first and the open side going through last. The laminator has rollers which move the pouch through on their own, so there is no need to manipulate them once they have been properly placed.

Step 7.  When the entire pouch makes it through the machine, you may then remove it to let it cool before cutting. It is important to wait until it is completely cool and to not cut too close to your pictures. If you make these mistakes, the pouches will no longer be sealed.

Step 8.  After cutting, re-punched the hole for the tassel at the top and thread colored yarn into the holes.

The finished products are really nice and work perfectly as reusable bookmarks for their many reading adventures.

The Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator features HeatGuard Technology so it’s safe to use in homes because it is always cool to the touch and never could burn anyone nearby. This laminator is also unique because it offers both hot and cold lamination and it has a release lever to help prevent jams.  See how easy-to-use the Fellowes Saturn2 95 really is in this brief video demo.

The Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator is available at for a suggested retail of $159.99. You can also find Fellowes products at WalMart and  Visit Fellowes Idea Center, Fellowes on Facebook, and on Pinterest for more fun ways to utilize your Fellowes laminator.