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Disruptus and Arrazzles . . . Two New Out-of-the-Box Thinking Games from Funnybone Toys

Thank you to Funnybone Toys for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Funnybone Toys is a leader in toys that not only are fun, but are artful and thought provoking as well. We have received games from them before and have loved them and still play them now. So when Funnybone offered us two more of their new games, Disruptus and Arrazzles, we knew they would become favorites quickly.

Disruptus is a hard game to explain, it’s more of a learn-by-doing game, but in a nutshell, you take two things and create something new and then everyone has fun rethinking the idea and making something new and/or improving upon it.

Please take two minutes to watch this video demonstrating the logic behind Disruptus.  It takes innovation and disruptive thinking to play and master this fun and entirely unique game. We had to adapt play to suit my 6 year old, but we all had a blast with this interesting game.

Arrazzles is a different kind of game because free thinking and design is how you play. Each octagon-shaped piece is slotted and features one metallic color on each side and they even have a hole in the middle to help you design with pipe cleaners, pencils, or whatever else you can find. Once connected, the colors bounce off one another and make the designs even better. To play, you can split the pieces up, or just place them all in the middle and have at it, designing whatever you want. Then, other players can try to figure out what you created or you can set themes and have everyone make something related to it.

This free play method really builds imagination and lets everyone get their creative juices flowing. These pieces are also really well built and thick so they are sure to stand up to many hours of play. We really love creating with this and this has found a permanent place in our living room because we pull it out so often.

Both Disruptus and Arrazzles retail for $24.99 on