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Add Your Cutie's Photo to Zulily's First Day of School Photo Gallery! #yayfirstday

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 Our three children's first day of school was on Wednesday.  Although all three were excited to return, our 6 year old daughter was the only one who really spent time on her outfit.  Like always, she wanted to wear something cute and playground-friendly.  The boys picked out their favorite graphic tees to wear and were done with it.  Our daughter, on the other hand, wore almost all brand new items, including a new haircut.  How about your children?  Were they all excited to look their best for the first day of school or were they more laid back about it like our two sons?

To see some fashionable first day photos, visit Zulily's First Day of School Photo Gallery!  Zulily asks that we all join in to share our special back-to-school moments. Submit your photos for inclusion in the Zulily First Day of School photo gallery by September 13th.

Our daughter's first day outfit consisted of . . . 
  • Apple Bottoms 'Love' Ruched Top from Zulily
  • Denim Utility Skort from The Children's Place
  • Ositos Shoes Princess Slip-On Sneaker from Zulily
  • Peace Backpack from The Children's Place
  • Gem Bauble Bracelet from Gymboree

If you end up submitting a photo and it ends up being included in the photo gallery, please let me know.  I will be sure to visit the First Day of School Photo Gallery to give the photo some love!