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What Would You Do During the First Few Moments if You Learned You Had Won the PCH $5,000 a Week "Forever” Sweepstakes?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting sponsored by Publishers Clearing House. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I don’t know anybody that does not dream from time to time of having some or more financial stability. I can say it is on my mind at one point or another every single day. I often find myself asking “what if” in regards to winning a lottery or a sweepstakes.

I think the most fun part of fantasizing about winning money is thinking about how you would react upon learning the news. We all know what house or car we would buy, or what travelling expenses or bills we would pay, but what would you do during the first few moments? Who would you call? I would probably lock myself in a room for a bit as I am sure my emotions would get the best of me. I also don’t think I would feel content until everybody in the world I owed money to had a check heading their way.

We all so often think about winning some jackpot worth millions and millions of dollars that wouldn't require much thought on spending (not immediately anyways), but what about winning a much smaller but periodic prize . . . say $5,000 per week for life? I find thinking about a prize like that much more fun. What would you do with your first check? Would you pay bills or treat your family to something? I have my own ideas, but one thing for certain is that I would love to have to make that decision some day. What a problem to have!

When I was a kid growing up, the lottery was not even on my radar.  If you were going to win money, the only show in town was Publishers Clearing House. I used to get so excited when the postman would deliver anything from PCH (Publishers Clearing House). I would go as far as saying that PCH is a part of our culture. I would bet that every single person of my generation recognizes the PCH crew knocking on somebody's door declaring them a winner (and wishing it were them!)

PCH has a new sweepstakes where you can not only win $5,000 a week forever, you can select an inheritor to also receive $5,000 for life! Imagine not only securing your finances forever, but you can pass that security on to somebody else!

With the Publishers Clearing House Win $5,000 a Week Forever sweepstakes, I am reliving some of the excitement I had when I was a child growing up with the possibility of becoming rich. It’s fun to think about all of the things I could do for my family that I could otherwise never do for them. Think of all the places we could go or even something as simple as being able to spend more time with my kids . . . unstressed time not worrying about money or the financial burden that often preoccupies me when I’m with them.

Oh.... And how well I would sleep at night...

NBC will be announcing the this year's winner of the "Forever" sweepstakes today, so hurry up and enter!