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What to Do With Your Collection of Music CD's, DVDs, and Video Games After Switching to Streaming Media

My family and I have pretty much gone 100% digital for nearly all of our media needs. Between streaming TV shows, movies, and music, we hardly use any of our CD’s, DVD’s, and even Blu-rays anymore. Heck, many console games don't even need physical media these days!

As amazing as being all digital can be, there is a downside to making the transition: What do we do with our hundreds of media disks? It hurts my brain to think of all the money (and time) that we spent to build our collections. Many titles were only even used once! What an absolute waste. Would you believe that we have DVD’s still wrapped in plastic? Never used? Ouch.

I always wished there was a way to sell my CDs and DVDs to recoup some of that money (and closet space!). Well, now there is a way to do exactly that! buys all your old media including CD’s, DVD’s, and video games. The amazing thing about musicMagpie is that it is completely free! They even pay for the shipping and there aren't any fees.

All you need to do is go to the site and enter the barcode on the back of your media, within moments the price they will pay you for the title comes up. You can even use your webcam as a barcode scanner! When you are done you simply print out a label and send it off. Easy as pie!

I started scanning some of my titles to see what musicMagpie paid out (there had to be a catch right?) and I was pleasantly surprised. The Wii games I scanned paid out similarly to what Gamestop offers and the DVD’s ranged from $.50 to $5.00....I own HUNDREDS of DVD’s and CD’s, at $.50 each I would make a fortune for otherwise useless junk taking up closet space.

They even have a mobile app for both Android and Apple to make the process even easier. Just scan the barcode and you’re done!

I know what I will be doing this weekend....