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Weekend Wishlist: Scrabble Tile Canvas Art, Sbyke (Scooter Bike), Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, and More!

It's Friday!  That means I've been browsing the new sales on Zulily.  I love shopping on the weekends because I only pay shipping on my first order and get free shipping on everything else from Friday through midnight on Sunday.  On holiday weekends, however, Zulily usually extends that free shipping deal for an extra day.  This weekend I only had to pay shipping once from Thursday through Sunday!

In addition to their regular sales events, Zulily is also having Blowout Sales in children's and women's clothing and shoes, as well as in accessories, kitchen, and home furnishings.  Yesterday, I ordered a boys Hurley hooded winter fleece jacket for $17.99.  I was having a tough time finding a hooded fleece jacket for my 9 year old son.  All of them for his age seem to have no hoods.  I'm so glad I ordered it right away because the jacket was gone already this morning.  I couldn't even find it on the website to share a link to it in this post.

What's new on my Zulily wishlist today?

1.  Norpro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker - $7.49 (Originally $11)

2.  Norpro Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set - $8.99 (Originally $14)

3.  'All You Need Is Love' Scrabble Tile Canvas Art - $17.99 (Originally $44)

4.  Yellow Polka Dot Cornhusk Tote - $12.99 (Originally $25)

5.  Silver 'Love' Beaded Leather Cord Bracelet - $16.99 (Originally $38)

6.  Boyz Wear Green & Navy Surf Shorts Set - Boys - $14.99 (Originally $40)

7.  Nannette White Floral Patch Tee Set - Infant, Toddler & Girls - $14.99 (Originally $40)

8.  Matte Black & Lime Green Sbyke - $172.99 (Originally $250)

If you haven't already, be sure to checkout my post "6 Tips for Shopping on Zulily"!  What's on your weekend wishlist from Zulily or somewhere else?