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Tech Tips: Trade-In Your Old Tablet to Help Pay for Your Next One

Tablets are the new laptop. The line between what a tablet can do and a laptop can do is extremely narrow, and in the case of the Microsoft Surface Pro the line is gone altogether. The cost of tablets has also dropped to the point where anybody can own a top featured tablets for just a couple hundred dollars.

You can buy some basic Android, Kindle, or Nook tablets for under $200 or one with a full desktop operating system like the Microsoft Surface Pro for nearly $1,000 (and everywhere in between!). The bottom line is that there is a tablet for every single budget and user need out there.  Although my wife and kids are already using tablets, I have yet to take the plunge. I will personally replace my laptop entirely with a Windows 8 tablet soon.

With tablets everywhere these days, it doesn't take long for everybody in your family to want one, and the ones that already do own one to want to upgrade to a newer one. Even with prices on tablets dropping everyday, it can be very expensive to upgrade as often as we would like. Well, there is now a way to optimize the money we are spending on tablets: Tablet trade-ins. offers to buy your used tablets for cash, in some cases for a few hundred dollars! What an excellent way to help offset the cost of upgrading to a newer or more expensive model.

Instead of handing your old tablet off to one of your kids, who may only use it for playing games, trade it in and get the latest and greatest for less with your cash back from Gazelle. You can use your savings towards your next family vacation or add it to your child's college fund.  After all, in this economy, every little bit helps!