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Silly Monkey Stories: Will the Hunger Never Cease?

Luke is a personality. Luke and his charm will get him far in life (one way or another). But one of the dozens of charming things he does turned out to be not so charming last week.

Luke is always hungry, ALWAYS. He will complain about being hungry while eating a meal. He will ask about dinner while eating lunch.

Apparently Luke has been talking non-stop to his reading teachers about how hungry he is. Well, his teachers aren't accustomed to Luke’s line of hunger jokes or charm and took his non-stop complaints of hunger very seriously. After class last Thursday, one of Luke's teachers approached my wife with some serious inquiries about when and how we feed him. I half expect to get a call from DSS (Department of Social Services)!

I explained to him that we (his immediate family) all think his jokes about being hungry are funny, but he can’t make those jokes outside of the house any longer. He understood and promised he would stop.

When I got home from work today I was dying to ask him about reading class and if he had managed to keep his hunger humor to himself. This was his response:

“I didn't talk about being hungry today like you asked.....I talked about how tired I was!”

I just smacked my head and expect a call anytime....

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