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Living Green With Jerinda: Good Earth Beauty Natural Organic Shampoo and Insect Repellent

Thank you to Good Earth Beauty for providing complimentary all-natural shampoo and insect repellent product samples for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

Good Earth Beauty is a company that specializes in selling products that are safe: natural, organic, and never tested on animals. Their commitment to safety is obvious when you see their products. They carry products from many well-known brands like California Baby and some lesser-known ones too and they even have their own brand. Good Earth Beauty was kind enough to send me two of the items from their store to try out.

The Shampoo Wheatberry Cream Restorative is a Good Earth Beauty Exclusive product that carries their brand name. This shampoo helps to restore and moisturize hair using natural ingredients such as aloe vera and olive oil with a “scent that is reminiscent of morning dew and a fresh meadow.” This shampoo does leave my hair very soft and supple and I have noticed a definite increase in shine and body, that is for sure. Also, it only takes a little of the shampoo to get a nice, rich lather which is another plus. I’ll be honest and say I do not care for the scent. I think it smells too “grassy” and it just doesn’t suit me. That is a personal preference though and doesn’t deduct from the fact that this shampoo does, in fact, restore and moisturize hair. If you like more earthy scents, you probably would like it. I double checked all the ingredients as well, which are fully listed on their website, and all are completely safe. This is a great shampoo that I would buy in another one of their scents for sure.

The other product I received was Bug Mist Natural Insect Repellent made by Medicine Flower. This bug spray contains many essential oils such as lemongrass and cedar and is very effective! We’ve used it several times now and didn’t see any biting bugs on any of us. The ingredients are safe as well and can be used on children without worry. It smells great, is free of pesticides, and it really works well without all the added chemicals. We are very happy with this bug repellent and will definitely keep it in mind for when we need to purchase more.

You can see these all-natural products and all that Good Earth Beauty carries on their website, The Shampoo Wheatberry Cream Restorative comes in an 8 oz. bottle for $15 and the Bug Mist Natural Insect Repellent comes in a 4 oz. spray bottle for $11.89.