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Dad's The Word!: An Important Dinner Date

Each one of our kids was challenged with improving in one or more categories on their report card this past year. As reward they were able to pick out something special to have or do for their hard work. Jake picked out an “instant” comic book collection and Luke wanted a hermit crab, but Makenzie picked out something very special: A date night with her dad.

I am happy to state that all three kids made the requested improvements on their report cards and it was our pleasure to deliver the rewards. I was excited to follow through on all the rewards, but I was especially excited to make good on Makenzie’s. What a great opportunity to have special time with my most precious little girl.

On the evening of our date, I picked her up after work with some flowers. She was dressed cute as a button and ready to go. Makenzie chose the most posh fine dining establishment in all of Boston's MetroWest: Chez TGI Friday's.

Makenzie chose an excellent vintage Raspberry Slushie to complement her exquisite Mac N’ Cheese main course. We talked about all the current events gripping the world today: SpongeBob, crayons, Minecraft, etc. We followed up the cuisine with a brownie and ice cream.

After dinner we chose Toys'R'Us to walk off our meal before the conclusion of our date. And of course, I could not resist treating her to a toy before bringing her back home.  Of all things, she chose this Princess Merida Bow and Arrow Set.

It was one of the best dates I have ever had, and I don’t think I could have been more pleased that she chose time with me as her reward. I just hope she still likes me this much when I won't let her have another date until she's 30!