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Weekend Wishlist: Yogurt Maker, Chalkboard Table Runner, Mother-Daughter Outfits, and More!

It's Friday!  That means I've been browsing the new sales on Zulily.  I love shopping on the weekends because I only pay shipping on my first order and get free shipping on everything else from Friday through midnight on Sunday.  Today, I was especially excited because I found cute matching mother-daughter fashions.  I've purchased mother-daughter handbags in the past, but I've never found any mother-daughter outfits that both my daughter and I like well enough.  The girl's dress and matching women's skirt below are the best option I've seen so far.  All I would need to do is pair the striped skirt with a basic black top.  What do you think?

What's new on my Zulily wishlist today?

1.  Dollie & Me Lilac 'Birthday Wishes' Tee Set & Doll Outfit - Toddler & Girls - $23.99 (Originally $50)

2.  Dash Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker - $29.99 (Originally $60)

3.  Inspire Your Walls - Scallop Oval Chalkboard Decal - $12.99 (Originally $29)

4.  Junior Drake Bittersweet Claudia Leather Crossbody Bag - $169.99 (Originally $518)

5.  Scribble Linens Red Damask Chalkboard Table Runner - $21.99 (Originally $40)

6.  Nouvelle Black & Gray Stripe Maxi Dress - Toddler & Girls - $24.99 (Originally $50)

7.  Nouvelle Gray & Black Stripe Maxi Skirt - Women - $28.99 (Originally $54)

8.  Black & Lemon Capri Pants - $5.99 (Originally $20)

If you haven't already, be sure to checkout my post "6 Tips for Shopping on Zulily"!  What's on your weekend wishlist from Zulily or somewhere else?