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Silly Monkey Stories: Where Is Your Off Button?

You parents will know that kids can often be....rambunctious (to say the very least!) and this Father's Day was no exception.

In the morning we went out for breakfast and as always when we prepare to leave the house mayhem ensues. As I am herding the children into the proper seats my oldest Jake says:

“Don’t you wish we had an off button like the t-shirt you have says?” 

This in itself wasn't so odd, but the fact that I did not own such a shirt was.

My youngest son Luke was first to yell at Jake for outing one of my Fathers Day gifts, which turned out to be this Where is Your Off Button? t-shirt.

What the kids do not know is this:  I was thinking the exact same thing about power buttons on children the very moments before all this transpired . . .

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