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Silly Monkey Stories: First Encounter with Baby Corn

On Sunday, we went to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday.  My parents chose a Chinese restaurant that they particularly enjoy because of the authentic cuisine they serve.  Our 6 year old daughter is usually open to trying new foods.  When we go to such restaurants, she often has the chance to try something new.  Some of the new food she gets to try is a little exotic and some not so much.

One of the new foods our daughter tried that evening was baby corn.  She loves corn, both on the cob and cut, so she did not hesitate to try it.  When her uncle put a baby corn on her plate, she promptly picked it up by both ends and started to nibble on it like corn on the cob.  It was such a silly sight, but most of us were able to keep the laughter to a minimum.  After she took a bite of the baby corn as we instructed, she decided she didn't like it after all.
Photo taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

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