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Shop 'n' Share: When is the Best Time to Shop for Fall Shoes and Handbags?

These items were purchased with our own funds and no compensation was received for sharing this shopping experience with our readers.

I think most women who are shopping for fashion on a budget try to find the best times of the year to shop.  For example, I have determined that the best time to shop for fall handbags, shoes, and accessories is at the end of the spring and the very beginning of summer.  This is usually more true for accessory items than for clothing items.  Once the Fourth of July passes, retailers will turn their focus towards fall fashions and back-to-school for the upcoming season.  There is a small window just prior to that when you can find some great buys from last fall's merchandise in the brands you love.

For example, I recently found these BEARPAW boots for $35.49 (Retail $99.00) and this Melie Bianco handbag for $52.99 (Retail $118.00).  It does take some patience and diligent searching, but it is well-worth the time spent when you find something you love at a great price.  Personally, I prefer to shop online because I can shop 5 retailers in the time it takes me to make the trip and browse through one local store.

Have you found some great deals on Fall items recently?  I'd love to hear about your finds!