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Learn Interesting Facts About Your Own Home, the Earth, and Outer Space from the Time for Kids "Big Book of Where"

Thank you to Time Home Entertainment Inc. and TIME For Kids for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon. All opinions expressed are my own.

The Time for Kids Big Book of Where is very similar to the other books in the Big Book series.  They all contain more than 100 facts about things.  Another way that they are similar is they all contain awesome photos.  The Big Book of Where is different because it has a section for each of the continents, oceans, space, and home.  My favorite section is about the oceans.

Two of my favorite facts are about the ocean . . . Where Did the Titanic Sink? and Where's the World's Newest Island?. Where Did the Titanic Sink? is one of my favorites because, after I read it, I learned a lot more about the Titanic and other shipwrecks.  The coolest thing I learned is that the Titanic was holding 2,200 passengers and only 700 survived.

Where's the World's Newest Island? is one of my favorites because I thought it was really cool that the Yemeni fishermen got to see a new island formation.  I learned that it formed from a volcanic eruption underwater and went above the surface when the lava started to cool.

Another favorite fact of mine is Where Do Most Germs Hideout?, which is in the home section.  I learned that most germs hideout on items that many people touch, such as TV remotes, door knobs, kitchen faucets, and countertops.  How to fight the germs is by washing your hands with regular soap and warm water often.

I like this book compared to the other ones because it is more organized and it's easier for me to find facts with a table of contents.  I recommend this book to kids 7 years and older.  I look forward to getting more Time for Kids Big Books because I enjoy learning facts about the Earth and space.  I also think they should add the topic 'Where is the Solar System's Tallest Mountain?' to the space section because I think everyone would be interested in it.

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