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Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying App . . . A Learning iPad App That Grows With Your Child

Thank you to Super Duper Publications for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Super Duper Publications has come out with another amazing app, Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying. This app takes sorting to a new and fun level with 6 entertaining games that sort and classify 336 items into 15 different categories such as animals, colors, shapes, upper/lowercase letters, tools, toys, and more.

Each game is simple but great fun and is sure to keep any younger child interested while they learn this valuable skill along with helping to build their vocabulary and comprehension. The app can be customized for your child’s skill level and you can allow as many or few of the items and categories as your child can handle, so it’s sure to fit any age level.

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My 6 year old, Quinn, loves playing these games. I have him set for all 336 items and 15 categories, so sometimes it has quite a lot of things he’s trying to sort. He loves the simplicity of it and loves that he always “wins”. This app really does teach him more than he realizes though and I love that about it. It is really brilliantly set up and the customization factor would be awesome for younger kids.
As with all Super Duper’s products, I am thoroughly impressed and pleased that they have done such a great job with this product. It is evident they pay attention to both kids and parents when they create their products. We love this app and it is sure to grow with your child to be used for many years to come.

You can purchase this app in the iTunes App Store for $12.99.