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Turn Your Child's Name into Wall Art, a Personalized Placemat, and Much More

Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children
Thank you to for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Whether you are decorating a newborn's nursery or looking for a unique gift for an older child, the personalized name art gifts at will surely give you inspiration.  This site offers gifts, such as posters, prints, name bars, placemats, bookmarks, and more that are personalized with the name art that you design.

I very much liked the look of the wooden Personalized Name Plaques.  We do not have much empty wall space left in our children's room, but these name bars do not take up much space.  They can also sit on a desk or a shelf.  Someday, when we move to a larger house and each child has their own room, I can see these name bars hanging on each of their doors.
Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children

Our children are 6, 6, and 9, so I was able to let them customize their own name bars.  There were just a few easy steps to follow . . .

1.  Enter the child's name as you would like it to appear on the product.

2.  Choose a theme for the letters.  You can try out one or all the themes to see which one you like the best.
Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children

3.  Once you've chosen a theme, you can choose between two different letter styles within that them.
Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children

4.  Next, you can customize each letter one at a time by choosing between two versions of that letter and then by going on to customize the colors for that letter.
Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children

That's how easy it was!  All 3 of my children created something different.  Our youngest son, Luke, tried the Teddy Bears theme first, but ultimately ended up with the dragon theme.  He decided to make the first two letters in his name red and the last two blue.  Our daughter was sure she wanted her name done in the Fairies theme, but ended up liking the Mermaid theme the best.  She changed the hair and tail color of each mermaid, being very careful to make each mermaid look different from the ones on either side of her.  Our oldest son, Jake, tried the robots first, but then opted for the dragons as well.  The default color for the dragons theme is red and he decided to keep the color as is.  He did change the letter styles so that they all included dragons with baby dragon eggs.  I have to agree that the red is just stunning in the dragon theme.
Name Art - Letter Art - Personalized Gifts for Children

The Name Art name bars each come with a black wooden easel so they can be prominently displayed.  If you choose to hang the name bar up, you will need to nail a hanger to the back, which is not included.  Each name bar retails for $26.75 regardless of the length of the name.  Visit to view their full selection of personalized name art gifts.

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