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GreenPan Lima 8" Non-Stick Ceramic Hard Anodized Frying Pan

ceramic pan
Thank you to GreenPan for providing the prize for this contest. All opinions expressed are my own.

Many of you may have heard about various ceramic products, such as hair styling tools and cookware, growing in popularity.  Have you ever stopped to find out why others say that ceramic pans are healthier and perform better compared to conventional cookware?  Here are a few reasons why the Thermolon™ non-stick technology found in all GreenPan Lima cookware makes these ceramic pans beneficial to you and your family . . .

1.  Pans made with the Thermolon™ non-stick ceramic coating are made with no perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and contains no lead, cadmium, toxic chemicals, or persistent pollutants.

2.  Even on high heat, these pans will not release toxic fumes.

3.  The ceramic coating offers a truly non-stick surface and will not blister or peel.

4.  The Thermolon™ coating conducts heat extremely well and heats up evenly.

In addition to the benefits of the Thermolon™ ceramic coating, GreenPan Lima cookware offers a few other benefits.  For example, some of their pans come with an extra-durable hard anodized exterior and the pan handles are made of hollow stainless steel to minimize heat transfer.

To learn more about the GreenPan Lima range, visit  The GreenPan Lima 8" Non-Stick Ceramic Hard Anodized Fry Pan pictured above sells for the affordable price of only $19.99 at Target.

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