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Celebrate National Candy Month with New Varieties of Werther's Original Sugar Free Caramel Candy

Thank you to Storck USA for providing a complimentary prize pack for us to base this review upon and for providing a second prize pack for our contest prize.  All opinions expressed are my own.

June is National Candy Month and what better way to celebrate than with some guilt-free candy?  My family received a sampling of 4 varieties of Werther's Original Sugar Free Caramels, which only have 3g carbs and 8 calories per piece.  Two were classic flavors . . . the Original Hard Candies and the Caramel Coffee.  The others were two exciting new flavors . . . Caramel Cinnamon and Caramel Apple.  When I saw these two new varieties of Werther's, all I could think about was how perfect they would be for the fall holidays!

I have always loved Werther's Original caramels, but I have to be honest that I was skeptical about how good the sugar-free versions would taste.  I have found in the past that sugar-free candies usual have a strange aftertaste.  That is surprisingly not the case with these Werther's.  I could not tell the difference between the sugar-free Werther's from the original candy.  I was not alone in feeling this way.  My husband whole-heartedly agreed, as did our children, who would never have known these candies were sugar-free if they had not read the text on the wrappers.  780 out of 1,000 diabetics, who took part in a Sugar Free Satisfaction Survey, also found the Werther's Sugar Free Caramels to be enjoyable, after more than 500 respondents said they did not enjoy most sugar-free candies they've tried in the past.

Of the four flavors we tried, everyone's opinions differed about which variety was their favorite.  My husband and I both agree that the Original Sugar Free Caramel was our favorite.  Our 9 year old son seemed to just love the Sugar Free Caramel Coffee, while our 6 year old twins liked the Sugar Free Caramel Apple the most.  I had never tasted the flavor combination of cinnamon and caramel before.  It was surprisingly good and I would say that the Sugar Free Caramel Cinnamon was my second favorite of the bunch.

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Our prize pack for this contest includes the following . . .
  • 4 bags of Werther's Original Sugar Free Caramels
  • 5 coupons each to save $.75 off Werther's Original Sugar Free candy
  • $25 American Express gift card
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