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DreamWorks Animation's TURBO Comes to Theaters on July 17th (Movie Trailer + Free Printable Coloring Pages) #TurboMovie

Thank you to DreamWorks Animation for providing the trailer and images for this post and for sending me a promotional item as a thank you for taking the time to share the upcoming film Turbo with my readers.

My children are huge fans of Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, so they are highly anticipating seeing the upcoming film Turbo, the latest children's movie from DreamWorks Animation.  Due out in theaters on July 17th, this tale about a snail, who dares to dream of winning the Indy 500, teaches a lesson about dreaming big and friendship.

This animated film features the voices of Ryan Reynolds (of Green Lantern), Paul Giamatti (of Romeo and Juliet), Ken Jeong (of Despicable Me 2), Maya Rudolph (of The Way, Way Back), Ben Schwartz (of Parks and Recreation), Snoop Dogg (of Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard), and Samuel L. Jackson (of The Avengers).

To learn more about the movie Turbo, visit, Turbo on Facebook, and @GoTurbo on Twitter.  Also checkout DreamWorks Animation on YouTube for more fun Turbo videos.

You can grab some free printable Turbo coloring pages to help familiarize your children with the cast of characters prior to attending the movie!

Also, be sure to look for our Turbo Prize Pack Giveaway in July for a chance to win a gift card to see the movie in theaters!