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Weekend Wishlist: Make Love Not Trash, David & Goliath, DC Comics Swimwear, and More!

As I had mentioned on my post "6 Tips for Shopping on Zulily", I make it a point to checkout the new sales on Zulily on Fridays because you get free shipping on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after paying shipping on the first order.  Since there is such a vast quantity of items on sale during any given time, I always add things I like to my wishlist as I see them.  Then I won't need to go back to search for them when I've made my decision to buy or not.  I thought it would be fun to briefly share what new items I've added to my wishlist each Friday . . .

What's new on my Zulily wishlist today?

1.  Coral Stripe Sidetail Top - $22.99 (Originally $42.00)

2.  Blue & White 3-Dimensional Flower Drops Shower Curtain - $24.99 (Originally $36.00)

3.  Chrome Pedestal Sink Organizer - $24.99 (Originally $38.00)

4.  Mason Jar Sipper - Set of 12 - $32.99 (Originally $48.00)

5.  Make Love Not Trash White & Red Sunglasses Tote - $6.99 (Originally $10.00)

6.  David & Goliath 'You Rock, You Rule' Boys' Graphic Tee - $9.99 (Originally $18.00)

7.  DC Comics 'Girls Rule' Tankini for Girls - $19.99 (Originally $40.00)

8.  Dromedaris Black Malika Leather Wedge Sandal - $49.99 (Originally $140.00)

What's on your weekend wishlist from Zulily or somewhere else?